We ship all items USPS via Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes as we find this to be the best value for our customers.

How We Calculate Shipping:

You will be charged for the actual cost of the flat rate box plus an additional mandatory $5.00 insurance and handling fee per box. This fee is used to purchase addtional insurance to cover the full value of the  package content. Due to the nature of our poduct, packages often contain hundreds of dollars worth of items which would not be fully covered by the $50.00 USPS insurance that is included with Priority Mail flat rate boxes. With the additional insurance in place, should any items be damaged in transit we will ship replacement items right away so you do not have to go through the hassle of filling a claim and waiting for the USPS to decide if they will cover the claim.

When the $5.00 Insurance/Handling fee does not apply:

Orders with a value of less than $50.00 will be covered by the USPS insurance already in place for Priority Mail packages. Unfortunately, our website platform will not deduct this $5.00 fee at the time of check out so we will send a refund for orders valued under $50.00 when we process the order.

Shipping Damage Claims:

Should you have any problems with a package or prodcut being damaged in transit please be sure to folow the instructions below:

  1. Be sure to send us photos of the damaged box before you open it.
  2. Send us a clear photo of the label on the box
  3. Be sure to send all photos and a list of damaged items to us at
  4. Be sure NOT to remove the plastic shrink wrap from any of the items as all returns must have the shink wrap still on them for inspection purposes.
  6. Please wait for us to contact you with details and instructions.


We do not normaly ship using UPS, FEDEX, overnight or next day delivery options but in cases where we may make exceptions to this rule a non refundable $75.00 RUSH FEE will be added to the actual postage / freight cost should we approve your request. The rush fee must be paid in advance, in full, through a PayPal invoice before we will attempt to mail any rush package(s). Please be advised that BWH will not be held responsible for any items that do not arrive on time for any reason whatsoever.