Single Sided Blanks:

    We recommend that you press (or "cook") at 400 degrees and press for 40 seconds. The print should come out glossy when viewed from an angle and have a full, rich color.

    Because individual heat presses, ink and papers react differently you may have to make. small adjustments in the press time to achive the perfect settings for your setup.  We suggest that you  adjust the TIME, not the temperature. Epson and Beaver papers release ink at 40 seconds while other brands may need 60 seconds to fully realease ink. Be sue to research the release time for your paper brand. 

    ** HELPFUL TIP: 

    We STRONGLY reccommed putting at least 3 layers of fleece over your rubber matt on the press. Place the transfer on the fleece print side up, then the  blank on the transfer face down (SILVER SIDE UP). Use a piece of paper or teflon sheet over the blank. This will greatly improve the quality of the finished prodcut. 

    Double Sided Blanks:

    1. Heat your press to 400 degrees ACTUAL Tempature (**actual temp is not necessarily what is displayed on your press)

    2. Adhere your transfer  to the blank using heat tape or sublimation spray adhesive. 

    3. Press the blank for 20 seconds and then open press and flip the blank over and  press for 20 more seconds

    4. Remove the paper and you should  have a nice rich color with a high gloss shine on both sides. You may have to adjust these settings to meet your individual needs. 

    **An alternative method for pressing double sided blanks is to simply use the same settings used for the single sided blanks. Many people find that this works perfectly for them. 


    IF YOUR PRINT COMES OUT DULL AND APPEARS TO HAVE WHAT LOOKS LIKE "WATER SPOTS" OR "SOAP SCUM" on the blank when viewed at an angle the poly coating on the blank has been burned and you need to DECREASE the amount of press TIME. Press again using the same temperature but reduce the cook time by 10 or 15 seconds until you reach the desired effect. 

    IF YOUR PRINT COMES OUT GLOSSY BUT THE COLOR IS FADED AND APPEARS TO HAVE "CLOUDINESS" OR "COTTON BALLS" in the print you need to INCREASE the press TIME by 10 or 15 seconds until the desired effect is achieved.